MAX’s goal is a simple one –

Provide a tool that is simple to use and makes the life of an owner/director EASY.

Max allows staff and management to focus on the important issues of caring for and educating young children.

We spent three years leveraging the experience of tenured child care professionals and leading-edge software designers to create the industry’s most comprehensive Child Care Center cloud platform – MAX.

Let MAX help you with …

A focus on staff efficiency and effectiveness is key to financial success.

Making sure the right staff is in the right place at the right time not only improves the center’s bottom line, it improves the quality of care for every child and the satisfaction of every parent.

Let MAX help you with …
Let MAX help you with …

For Owners, the use of MAX can dramatically improve your profitability.

As you well know, payroll is frequently the largest expense of any business.

Child care is no different. Parents cannot continue to pay higher fees which continues to drive margins down as wages continue to increase.

With MAX, the initial investment is nominal –

Teachers utilize inexpensive tablets for managing all activities of the children much more quickly and efficiently than on paper.

Automated compliance reporting and easy communications with Parents makes for a more compliant center and happier clients.


Real-time reporting and alerts create opportunities throughout every day to manage staff more efficiently.

Integrated Lesson Planning enhances the Daily Contact Sheet allowing Parents to feel more connected than ever with their child’s educational process.

Consider MAX your partner in successful Child Care Center management.


Managing My Center

MAX’s live interactive dashboard provides a platform for Directors and Owners to easily monitor and manage a Center’s workflow at anytime from anywhere.

MAX tracks and displays all Teacher and Child movement throughout the day, allowing a Director to always stay compliant with ratios and to schedule staff accordingly.

Real Time Alerts and customizable Notifications available via text and/or email keep the Director aware of key actions such as missing Health Checks or sick Students no matter where they may be in or out of the Center.

MAX manages and tracks all incoming traffic, including Teachers, Parents and visitors via secure checkin and checkout kiosks.


Customizable notification settings cover areas such as:

  • incomplete Student health checks or when a Child is logged as sick or other by a Teacher,

  • when a room has reached is maximum ratio so you can prepare for the next Child’s arrival,

  • when Children are reported absent or with a late arrival,

  • when a Teacher is taking too long of a lunch break,

  • when a Child’s medication expiration date is approaching,

and so much more!


Parents sign into MAX to check their Children in and out of the classroom each day with their unique login and PIN.

Visitors also sign in and out, allowing MAX to create a visitor’s log automatically to be viewed at a Director or Owner’s disposal.

Teachers sign in and out of MAX at the beginning and end of their shift.


Hours for payroll are tracked with this process and stored where times can later be edited if necessary.


Once a Teacher is signed into MAX, their classroom’s home page will be displayed to start their day.


CheckIn/Out: At the Center level, MAX generates time block/benefit reports, as well as bathroom break logs, a visitor’s log, Student check in and out logs and unscheduled day to invoice reports.

Manage your Center productivity by reviewing classroom efficiency reports for each classroom.

Financial: Directors and Owners know exactly where money is coming in room by room on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and calculates payroll percentages automatically within an income/expense report.

Family rates reports are generated for the month and broken down by monthly or weekly rates per family.

Compliance: MAX tracks a Center’s day-by-day ratio compliance reports broken down by time and by classroom, as well as storing all emergency and fire drill reports.

Never stress when your licensor comes for a visit looking for information, simply generate a PDF of the report from the Director’s portal and print!

Parent Communications

At CCCS, we believe that communication is KEY.

Parents can log into MAX and view their Child’s up-to-date Daily Contact Sheet with the ability to instantly communicate with the Teacher via MAX’s secure, two-way communication feature.

For Parents, it doesn’t get any better than that!

MAX makes the Parent’s stress of wondering how their Child is for 8+ hours a day disappear. Max checks in with Parents via Text if a Child is late to verify if they will be absent or late today, allowing the Center to address Staff schedules.

Max provides Parents tools to customize their notifications for email or text delivery.

Max alerts them to upcoming Immunizations needs, expiring Meds…even pick time when another authorized contact picks the Child up.

Max provides Internal communications messaging (requesting a break, asking for assistance) and Director communications to the Staff. Within the Parent portal, Parents can also report daily and future absences and schedule changes, make special requests for things such as feeding times that are displayed on the Teacher’s classroom tablet.

Classroom Tasks

Max takes the stress out of the Teacher’s day with alerts for important activities such as Daily Health Checks and Allergies.


Each classroom is equipped with a tablet with easy to use screens for capturing details for the Daily Health Check and the Daily Contact Sheet (food, bathroom movements, naps, activities).


No getting to the end of the day and hurriedly completing the details before the Parent picks up the Child. Max assists with Lesson Planning with templates for quick creation and updating of Plans.

Max updates Teachers in real-time with Alerts to their Tablets, such as updates to Medical data.


Teachers can access Student detail with a click on the Student picture.


Max’s tablet delivers messages from the Director and tracks that the Teacher has opened the message so the Director can be assured all Staff is aware of events, policy changes or other important information.

Lesson Plans: Keeping lesson plans approved and up-to-date can be a tedious task for both the Teacher and the Director.

Let MAX make lesson planning a breeze!

Teachers can create lesson plans via the Teacher portal or classroom tablet, where they can view a bank of themes, learning domains, activities and materials to apply to their current lesson plan.

Lesson plan content for the week will be linked directly to a Child’s daily contact sheet for a Parent to view.

Record Management

Ditch the binders and countless spread sheets!

Let MAX do the record keeping for you.


MAX will keep track of detailed family records, including contact and additional pick up information.

Complete Child records, including reservations, immunization schedules, medical alerts and medication logs are created and stored for you.


Employee records, including a benefit bank and employment details are also created and stored within the Director’s portal.

Schedules & Enrollment

MAX’s lifecycle reservation system produces schedules for Children from the day they start until the day they graduate with the click of a button.

Scheduling patterns for move-ups are generated automatically in seconds and compiled into an easy-to-view calendar on the dashboard for a Director or Owner to view and print at any time.

Checking Center availability for a new enrollment is made easy with MAX.

Your time is valuable, and when that Parent calls asking if your Center has room for their Child to enroll next week, you can feel confident with the answer you provide in less than a minute after just a few clicks in our system.

We could not have asked for a better system!

-Micheal Moore

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