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Janet Catchings



Love for this Country

I was born in West Point, MS; and left in 1974, when I joined the Armed Forces.  I am a Vietnam War Era Veteran.  I want to share my love of country and my concern for Veterans’ ability to access services.  When I moved into Southaven a little over a year ago, I wanted to find out about support in the area for those who have fought so that we can have freedoms in this country.  Unfortunately, Memphis offered the services that are not available here.  DeSoto County has the ability to provide services to Veterans and their families here where we live.


I am a retired principal, who served over 20 years working with elementary students.  I am an asset to education and educators.  My Bachelor’s degree is in Business.  My first Master’s Degree is in the Art of Teaching.  My 2nd Master’s Degree is in Educational Leadership.   As a retired principal, I am able to sit at the table with the School Board, with the Superintendent, Administrators, and with classroom teachers and can literally discuss classroom strategies to impact student achievement.  I believe education is truly a key to our youth’s success.



Passion for Mississippi

I love this place!  About a year ago, I relocated back here from CA.  My arrival (in Southaven) was prior to our recent general election in November 2016.  Getting information about initiatives, propositions or candidates on the ballot was challenging.  My goal is to make this process more accessible and more transparent to voters.  Having been exposed to multiple successful systems across the US, I can bring a great deal of experience to DeSoto County.  My goal is to bring transparency in government across all parties.